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Greetings Mortal
   Welcome it seems you have stumbled upon our esoteric order.  We are all brothers and sisters of the night and if you choose to join us be prepared to worship things beyond comprehension for the nameless gods and things from beyond have risen. 
  From untold aeons of time long ago before the birth of this galaxy they came.  From places beyond the great voids of space above all the universe unto planes unfathomable to mortal imagination they came.

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New Guild Website

Duravian, Jan 10, 14 10:33 AM.
This dimensional plane of the interwebs has served us well this past year and a half, and while it may continue to do so, it's time to upgrade. A new guild website has been created using the host site Shivtr. This new website comes with a plethora of new features, including polls and vastly increased file storage for images and video. The new site is very cleaned up and much more user friendly, with a brand new forum and lorekeep for writing stories. The old site will of course remain for archiving purposes, but news and further guild activity will occur on the new website from now on. I hope you enjoy it!        -Nightkeeper Torell

Another Rank Restructure

Duravian, Jan 9, 14 11:42 PM.
The ranks have once again been updated to accommodate those who do not wish to join the Houses. Since the aftermath of the Three Way War, the lost Houses have begun to rebuild. Now any Nightward can attempt to join or be selected for any of the Houses. However, should you decide to opt out of choosing a House, you may. Here is the new layout with more description than before.

[T = Rank Tier]

(T0) ​Mortal Minion - ​An initiate. Must be given a ceremony to become a full member.
​(T1) Nightward​ - Full member of our esoteric order; the basic rank.

(T2) Esoteric Cultist - An acolyte who has not chosen a House and wishes to remain neutral.
(T2) House Acolyte - An acolyte who has been accepted into a House. House chosen is in member note.
(T3) Wraith Lord - A Lord of a House or a neutral Lord. House(if chosen) included in member note.
(T4) House Archon - A general of the chosen house. This is the highest basic rank. 

(T5) Night Guard - The greatest honor is to be chosen as a personal honor guard of a Mastermind*.
(T5) Mastermind* - Rulers of the Houses, and members of the small council. They lead the order.

Nightkeeper - The Night's Regent Keeper is the supreme leader of our humbly esoteric order.

Unknown God - hupadagh n'ghft, c-lw'nafh syha'h.... What is risen may fall. What has fallen may rise.

*Mastermind is a debatable name. If you have suggestions, feel free to provide feedback.

House Chaos Reigns Supreme

Duravian, Oct 9, 13 12:14 AM.
The Three-Way War has come to a conclusion! When the battle began, the three Houses finally clashed in open warfare across the cold mountains of Alderaan. A long struggle for strategic points concluded when House Chaos, led by the Nightkeeper, dominated the entire northern region, and amassed his forces for an assault on House Insanity. The forces of Insanity were pushed into a corner, where they then surrendered and joined their remaining forces with that of House Chaos. The two combined overwhelmed House Illusion, and during an epic showdown, the Lady Pyrae was defeated at the hands of Nightkeeper Moraxx Torell. House Illusion and Insanity have been dissolved and the guild is for the first time under rule of a single house. As such, ranks have been restructured once again into a more detailed single-house system. 

The new rank system is designed to easily place everyone into their respective places following the change in ranks from a 3 faction system to a single faction system.

Mortal Cultist - A new recruit. Requires ceremony of promotion to advance to Nightward.

Nightward - Full guild members. Yours is to serve. Bulk of the guild. Introduce yourself.

    Within House Chaos there are four ranks.
Tier 1 - House Acolyte - you have been chosen to join House Chaos, now prove yourself.
Tier 2 - House Vassal - You have made yourself known. The old ones are watching.
Tier 3 - House Seneschal - You are a Lord or Lady of House Chaos, do what must be done in our name, and ascend.
Night Guard - Hand picked by the House Rulers as personal honor guards. This is the greatest honor.

House Rulers - The Lords and Ladies that keep watch over the guild and guide it's destiny.

Nightkeeper - The embodiment of the Unknown, the Nightkeeper is the supreme ruler of the guild.

Unknown God - What is risen may fall. What has fallen may rise. Always it is watching.

Alderaan House War

Duravian, Aug 22, 13 11:04 PM.
Alderaan is now a contested planet. The three primary houses will be fighting for territory through rp events and skirmishes. This is a friendly interguild competition, so it's all in good fun. Try not to get upset over losing and try to be humble in winning. Below is a map of the 7 territory outposts that are capturable. The big red circles indicate Houses, the little red circles indicate Outposts. Those who claim control of these territories must hold them to expand and eventually capture all the territories and defeat the other House Rulers. The idea is that when the Houses become large enough, they can fight the war and decide who takes Alderaan in the end. This will not be a permanent event as eventually somebody will win.

New Rank Structure

Duravian, Aug 22, 13 9:28 PM.
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